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Tight muscles? Do you want to improve your flexibility?

09th August 2019

GI Tenant Focus: My name is Carmen O’Connor and I’m a complementary therapist based on the second floor of The Guildford Institute.  I specialise in the Body-mind Connection working with Reiki, Mindfulness, Bach Flower Remedies and various massage techniques such as clinical, deep tissue and trigger point therapy as well as holistic massage, so the treatments can be as gentle or as deep as is required.  In this short blog, I’d like to tell you all about the benefits of massage and myofascial release.

Many people ask me what is fascia and what does it do?  Fascia is basically connective tissue that surrounds muscle fibres or muscle groups.  It’s not exclusively connected to muscles of course, nerves and blood vessels have fascia surrounding them and our skin is fascia as it surrounds our body.  In this article we’ll stick with muscles though as that’s my bag! Fascia holds muscle together and keeps it in the correct place. It separates the muscles so they can work independently of each other and finally it provides a lubricated surface so that muscles can move smoothly against each other.  If the body becomes stiff, myofascial release treatment and massage can be a great help in unsticking the fascia, so the fibres and surfaces can become more hydrated and move more easily again.

So, if you want to improve flexibility and range of motion, the muscles and their fascia are the main areas to focus. The bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and skin do obviously contribute to overall flexibility, but we have limited control over these and can do damage if trying to stretch them directly.

There is some additional information in the below article and an insightful clip showing fascia of a cadaver – this is a body that has been kindly left to research:

Please contact Carmen if you would like to book yourself in for massage and myofascial treatments – it’s a great way to support your physical training programmes or to simply help your body stretch, as well as relaxing and releasing tensions held within the body-mind system due to daily life.

Carmen O’Connor
07974 717 787

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