Garazi Donlo

Garazi Donlo

Programme and Deputy Manager


Garazi has always been passionate about language and literature: everything to do with words, from formal studying of grammar to writing, history of literature, and intercultural communication. Apart from this, she loves photography, travelling, and classic cinema (with a soft spot for Greta Garbo).

As the new Programme and Deputy Manager, Garazi will be in charge of the programme that the Institute offers every season. She would like to focus on expanding the impact of the Institute in the community by offering courses that will bring together people of different ages and backgrounds. Garazi will also be involved in all sorts of operational tasks to keep the institute running smoothly.

Garazi loves the way The Guildford Institute offers a beautiful historic space for art lovers and curious minds in general. She feels that art and culture are something we need to encourage and bring closer to the community and that the Institute is an invaluable venue for this.