Sarah George

Sarah George

Marketing and Events Assistant


Sarah graduated from the University of Surrey in 2012, with a first class honours degree in English Literature. After university she joined the Hampshire Library Service and worked as a Library Assistant for five years.

Sarah is responsible for marketing the Institute and V Café, which involves advertising every aspect of what we do. She designs and produces marketing materials such as posters and flyers for display in The Guildford Institute and for external distribution. Sarah liaises with local press publications and builds relationships between The Guildford Institute and other local organisations.

Sarah also manages and regularly updates all of our social media accounts, so do give us a follow or like on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Sarah works alongside her colleagues to produce the Institute’s termly brochure. Her specific areas of responsibility include: organising the programme of free Wednesday talks, researching and booking the visits and providing administrative support for the series of Young Musicians’ Recitals.

Sarah loves working within a small and talented team to develop the Institute’s ever-increasing programme of activities and enjoys having the opportunity to exercise her creativity. She also likes being in the heart of the Guildford community and meeting the wonderfully diverse groups of people who use and visit The Guildford Institute.