painting of a summer scene

What’s On in June and July?

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the sun is out…summer has finally arrived! The GI welcomes you this June and July to join us for a variety of courses, talks, and visits to help you make the most of the summer months.

June Courses

For many people, summertime means vacations, good food, warm weather, and natural beauty at its peak. What better way to capture that great summer feeling than through art, crafts, and light-hearted poetry?

23 June Embroidery Workshop: Delicate Floral Design

Lilies, roses, peonies…with hundreds of summer flowers to use as inspiration, learn how to create delicate floral designs which will last through all seasons with just a few simple stitches.

A blue square embroidered with a floral letter H; a pink heart embroidered with red and blue flowers; purple, white and pink thread.
Floral Embroidery Design
Painting of a meadow filled with red, yellow and purple flowers. There is a house which is white with a red roof. It is surrounded by tall trees and a blue sky.
A Summer Scene

28 June – 12 July – Painting Summer Scenes

Over the course of three weeks, improve your oil or watercolour skills by painting several different subjects inspired by the theme of summer.

22 June – Literary Nonsense (Term Focus)

This summer term, we are commemorating Lewis Carroll with our focus on ‘Wonderland’. Just as Alice’s summer day was filled with strange and nonsensical wonderlands, you too can delve into strange and nonsensical worlds by re-discovering childhood literary delights ranging from The Jabberwocky to The Owl and the Pussycat.

An owl and pussycat sat in a green boat with a lantern overhead. The boat is on the water surrounded by a starry sky.
The Owl and The Pussy Cat

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July Courses

Summer doesn’t always have to be spent abroad. Why not re-discover the beauty of your own local culture and history?

4 – 25 July Uncovering More of Guildford’s Recent History

Join local historian David Rose and explore Guildford’s recent history through a series of vintage postcard images. Discover more about Woodbridge Hill, Westborough, and the hospitals that were once integral to our local community.

A black and white image of a mother and child stood outside a row of houses. Part of the roof is covered with a tarpaulin.

5 July Not ‘Alice’: A Talk on the Writings of Lewis Carroll (Term Focus)

Did you know Lewis Carroll was a resident of Guildford?  Sue Morris and Alfred Bradley will look beyond Carroll’s famous Alice stories and explore his impressive body of poetic and mathematical works.

14 July Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

Join the GI for a lovely day trip to Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens, a 240 acre Grade I listed garden in Horsham, and enjoy the colourful array of trees, plants and the many bird species around the lake. Leave the car at home as our coach will take you there and back!

View of a lake, with green plants and pink, red and yellow flowers in the foreground. The lake is surrounded by trees and a small building on the edge of the water.
Leonardslee Lakes & Gardens

We hope you have enjoyed finding out about what’s on in June and July at The Guildford Institute. If you would like you explore more, please take a look at our summer programme.

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