Overall Refund Policy Statement

In cases where the Institute is forced to cancel a course, special event, evening talk or visit completely, we will either reschedule the event or pay a 100% refund. We will not pay additional compensation nor refund any personal expenses accrued. 

The Institute reserves the right to supply a suitable substitute tutor, speaker or tour operator if necessary. 

We will only consider other refund requests in truly unavoidable and exceptional circumstances. These requests will not be considered for any event unless an absolute minimum of 3 clear working days (Monday to Friday) notice is given. ALL refunds of this nature will be subject to a £5 handling fee.

Refunds will have to be expressly approved by the Institute Manager and will be made by the most expedient and cost effective method.

Please email all your requests and/or queries about our refund policy to: Lisa Taylor via lisa@guildford-instutute.org.uk or call 01483 562142.