Old Billiard Room

Visitors love our spacious and elegant Old Billiard Room, complete with a feature fireplace and impressive historic painting of Guildford. Located on the first-floor, it can hold up to 35 people. This space is ideal for meetings, conferences, events and more.

The Old Billiard Room is fitted with a hearing loop system.

Picture of the Old Billiard Room: 10 people sat at a table in a horseshoe layout watching a presentation.
The Old Billiard Room being used for a cookery course. Groups of people are sat at wooden tables watching a demonstration at the front. The walls are covered with festive decorations and foliage.
The Old Billiard Room: 4 people sat having a discussion, with a large projector in the background.

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 2024 Prices Standard Users


Registered Charity


Day (9am to 5pm) 184.00 130.00
Half Day/Evening (up to 4 hours) 113.00 80.00
Session (up to 2.5 hours) 72.00 49.00
Freestanding staging

The Old Billiard Room is fitted with a hearing loop system.

Horseshoe – 20
Boardroom – 20
Theatre – 35
Cabaret – 20


  Standard Users Registered Charity
  £ £
Digital Projector: 25.00 20.00
Hybrid meeting equipment: 20.00 15.00
Laptop: 15.00 10.00
Flipchart, Paper, and Pens: 15.00 10.00



1.               In the event of a cancellation the Institute reserves the right to charge a 25% cancellation fee. In the event of a cancellation with less than 7 days’ notice, the Institute will charge the full cost to the hirer.

2.               In proceeding with the hire of one of the Institute’s meeting rooms, hirers agree to the payment terms of 30 day’s following receipt of invoice. Failure to pay the agreed amount during the 30-day period may result in further charges being levied.

3.               The Hirer(s) must leave the room tidy and depart at the agreed time. Please note that the room will be available and setup from the agreed start time on the booking form issued by the Institute.

4.               The Hirer(s) is/are responsible for any damage to Institute property incurred because of their usage. Please do not affix items to the walls.

5.               The Institute reserves the right to change the room booked for an alternative and will inform the Hirer(s) of this in advance where possible.

6.               All alcohol consumed on the premises must be purchased from the Institute to comply with the licensed premises regulations.  Alcohol may not be served after 10.30pm; there is a 30-minute ‘drinking up’ time. Food and drink must not be consumed in the meeting rooms, unless with prior consent.

7.               Smoking is strictly forbidden on the premises. Matches, candles etc. may not be used.

8.               Please notify the Institute if you intend to play live or recorded music, DVD, CD, film, etc., as a fee will be levied on behalf of the Performing Rights Society. This fee is currently set, by the Performing Rights Society, at £11.88 (£9.90 + VAT) per session. 

9.               All portable electrical equipment owned by the Institute is tested on a regular basis. If you intend to bring in your own electrical equipment, please make sure that this is certified as having been tested during the last 12 months.

10.            The Institute does not accept responsibility for any personal possessions brought on to the premises. Please ensure that you safeguard your valuables.

11.            Hirers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions (e.g. DBS checks) required to run their activities, as well as appropriate insurance. Please contact a member of staff if you require any further clarification.

12.            Due to staffing levels, we are not able to guarantee first aid support – particularly at evenings and weekends. There will always be someone on hand who can telephone the emergency services if required.  

13.            Hirers undertake to comply with the actions identified in the Guildford Institute’s risk assessment. A copy can be provided on request.