Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Consultancy

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Terrafiniti is a sustainability and corporate responsibility consultancy and its partners are both Inaugural Fellows of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (ICRS). They help organisations to manage their sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) challenges with innovative, creative and effective approaches. Terrafiniti help companies achieve results by developing strategic responses to build long-term value and uncover new opportunities. Typically, they work with leaders and sustainability teams in ambitious or leading companies who:  
  • Need to develop a strategic and planned sustainability approach based upon business risks and opportunities – but are unsure where to start
  • Have a number of sustainability/corporate responsibility initiatives, but find they are largely reactive, not joined-up and not providing results
  • Are concerned they can’t communicate progress made in a structured way
  • Find it difficult to respond to customer or investor requests.
With 40+ years’ collective experience in consulting, Terrafiniti have worked with many household names; businesses, charities and government agencies around the world.

Terrafiniti has been a tenant at The Guildford Institute since 2011.

Joss Tantram – Partner Joss Tantram
Dominic Tantram - Partner Dominic Tantram