Tai Chi for Improvers – FT11 (Free Taster Session)

In this session, we will be refreshing Part 1 of Yang Style Tai Chi using the medium of Zoom. The session is designed to introduce online sessions particularly to those who have been studying Tai Chi at the Institute. This is also an opportunity for us to come together in this new normal and continue […]

Black British History Re-Examined – FT10 (Free Taster Session)

Why did Africans come to England in the Tudor period? How were these ‘strangers’ treated when most Englishmen knew nothing about the world beyond their parish boundaries? Can we see evidence of the existence of Africans in surviving parish records? What kind of employment did they find and why do we now need to revisit […]

Spanish Intermediate – FT09 (Free Taster Session)

In this taster session, we will cover different transports and how to purchase tickets and ask for a timetable and other relevant information when traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. Please make sure you have pen and paper to hand to take notes.

Creative Writing Workshop – FT03 (Free Taster Session)

Why not try your hand at a Zoom creative writing session? We will discuss getting started or reviving creative writing and have a short writing project. Optionally, if you would like feedback on your writing, bring a short piece of up to 300 words for constructive and friendly discussion.

A Brief History of Mars Pre-Spaceflight – FT07 (Free Taster Session)

Mars, the Red Planet, has long fascinated humanity. In this Zoom taster session we shall explore how our theories of the nature of Mars have changed from the first telescopic observations in the 1600s to the advent of detailed photographic and remote scientific observations in the first half of the 20th century as a prelude […]

Seamus Heaney – FT04 (Free Taster Session)

A two-week course is scheduled for September covering Heaney’s early poetry – this is an opportunity to try out the poetry and the technology!  The guided tutor session will include discussion and look at Heaney’s poem The Peninsula.  We will explore poetic language and meaning together. A copy of the poem will be sent to […]

Jane Eyre – FT05 (Free Taster Session)

This taster session will look at the first chapter of the novel as a prelude to a longer course scheduled for November. The tutor-led discussion will give you the chance to see how a literature session would be formatted on Zoom.

Michael Sleigh

Michael has worked in the areas of design, photography and education for more than 30 years. Starting in an architect’s office, he moved on to being Technical Support at West Surrey College of Art and Design, and then Lecturer at WSCAD and Epsom School of Art. Michael has also been an adult education tutor and […]

Dinah Dawkins

Dinah’s theatrical and musical parents, in their hectic professional world, taught their daughter early skills about performing. Having dipped into the exciting world of theatre, television and film, Dinah constantly turned back to music. She loved playing the piano and, after a few years, discovered that sharing this passion was a brilliant way of combining […]

Davina Robinson

Davina graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with an Honours degree in Speech and Drama. Upon leaving she worked as a founder member of a theatre-in-education company Eclipse Theatre Co. in and around London. Davina worked for 28 years as Director of Drama in schools in London, Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. […]

Devdan Sen

Devdan began Tai Chi in the early 1980s while a student at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. He returned to Tai Chi in the mid-1990s and studied with the late Master Akira Lim. Today, he continues to study Tai Chi and Kung Fu with Stephen Lim, the current master of the Lim […]