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Jane Chapman

06th August 2019

Jane’s tutoring on Get more out of your gallery visit: looking and seeing art is a constantly evolving project.  Facilitating others to explore and discuss their own reactions to paintings, drawings and sculpture supports her own creative work as it requires her to understand the processes of other artists. Through group discussions, creative minds come together to learn, share experiences and ideas and have some fun.

Her earliest career was as a lawyer and vice president of a University specialising in professional legal education. But Jane always loved art, and as an adult she attended summer schools at the Slade School of Fine Art, where she learnt how to draw and paint and was given the confidence to attend and graduate from Central Saint Martins School of Art.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum, Jane completed art history certificates and learnt how to use her practical skills of drawing, painting and making to interpret art in new and exciting ways.

For the last three years, she has attended the Chelsea Open Studio and has been mentored by the professional artist Enver Gursev. Jane’s own work explores quiet silent places, such as cathedrals and forests. She observes and simplifies these spaces through tonal drawing.  Her abstract paintings attempt to arrange the resulting motifs and images in a way which expresses space, whilst evoking the mystery, spirituality, peace and wonderment that these actual places inspire.