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Sarah E. Jones

03rd July 2024

Artist Sarah E. Jones works in acrylic, mixed media and multi-media. Thematically she is drawn to landscape, seascape, nature and spirit. Elements of the natural world fuse with spiritual themes, reflecting the way that nature and spirit can be perceived as interconnected. She enjoys creating other realms in her work; mixing elements to make innovative portals to other worlds. Sarah also has a keen interest in the spiritual, and this comes through in her creative practice. Being an intuitive herself (psychic, medium, clairvoyant, claircognisant, clairaudient, clairsentient, healer & animal communicator), she has for many years spent time in that arena. She is also a certified Spiritual Life Coach and holds a Certificate in Psychic Awareness and Healing.

Alongside creating and exhibiting her work, Sarah spends much of her time teaching Art for Skill and Art for Wellbeing classes and workshops. She specialises in teaching adults, and her courses and workshops offer a unique blend of art, nature, mindfulness, neuroscience, and writing/journaling.

Sarah’s additional studies in Cognitive Psychology, NLP, Mindfulness, Stress Management and Meditation help her to create engaging bespoke classes and workshops for specific groups of students. She works within local community settings throughout Hampshire and Surrey, UK, delivering content for Colourwheel, Activate Learning and Learning in Libraries. She is also available to deliver bespoke content, one to one or in groups, online or in person.